Via Verde – Following the Green Road …

Via Verde – Following the Green Road …

The vineyards in Levunovo, Struma River Valley, Bulgaria

Striving for harmony, freedom of expression, nature, romance, beauty… This list goes on, but these are the main elements that the wines of Via Verde embody. Everything starts with the name Via Verde – translated from Latin “Green Road”. As we all look for a green path in our lives, Via Verde is looking for the same in its wines.

The idea of ​​Via Verde was born in 2013, not long ago, the first vintage was harvested. The villages Ilindentsi and Levunovo are not only located near the town of Sandanski, and are a home to the vineyards of the Via Verde project – a source of sun, light, nature, and warmth. The warmth, which embodies every single grape berry of Struma River valley.

Grapes from Struma Valley

The Mediterranean climate of the region, the large number of sunshine hours and Ilindentsi’s vineyards altitude of 400 to 600 m contribute to the unique combination of fresh, abundantly ripe fruit, supplemented by a minerality that cannot be missed. In turn, this adds acidity, elegance, structure, and freshness to the overall finish.

The dragonfly – a symbol of Via Verde

The team of Via Verde believes that when you meet a dragonfly, it is a sign that you have to change your life – look at yourself and give freedom to your will. That is why the dragonfly is the blessed symbol of the winery. This transformation, the quest for the new and mysterious, creativity and naturality, stands out in each of the four limited series of wines – Debut, Expressions, Motif, Nomad Spirit. Knowing such harmony and vibrancy can hardly be achieved the first time, Via Verde continues to experiment tirelessly, looking for completeness and sending many messages to the wine lover.

Expressions Sandanski Misket Single Vineyard

I have specifically chosen to review the Expressions wine series. Here again is found the main concept of the winery – a search for a balance between fruit that is left to freely express itself without the influence of oak barrels and feminine freshness, rising from acidity and salineness.The result? The white wine Sandanski Misket made entirely from the local grape variety of the same name, gathered from a single vineyard. Consequently, this wine is a true triumph, a victory of freshness and the feminine elegance that slips into each drop. A Mediterranean breeze of fine grapefruit flavors, citrus fruits, supplemented by light tones of peach and tropical fruit, with a smoothly carved and unobtrusive body. A delight for the palate, both on its own and in the company of fresh salads, seafood, and summer meals, also bringing a sense of lightness.

And after the summer calmness comes the time of awareness. Our attention is drawn by the motive for marriage, expressed in the Early Melnik and Cabernet Franc blend, which is one of the red wine offerings in the Via Verde Expressions series. When a local grape variety such as Early Melnik is combined with a traveler from another land such as Cabernet Franc, still rarely used and mystical to Bulgarian winemaking, everyone is impatiently thirsty waiting for the result. It is a robust nuance of fine spices, red pepper, added by the guest Cabernet Franc, welcomed by the abundant and aromatic red fruit, succulence of ripe cherries, skillfully contributed by the host Early Melnik.And in the end, the two partners leave a mysterious dry finish, firm tannin, inviting the explorer for more and more. The result of this magnificent marriage, featuring an endless feast on the palate, would be perfectly combined with fresh red meats such as lamb, beef, duck, cooked medium rare to maintain juice and seasoned with pepper sauce or slightly sweet coulis.

Maria and Veronika, part of the Via Verde team

By tasting these pleasant surprises described above, it is inevitably to ask: “Who is behind this project? Who is the culprit to have this grace? “

The answer is the tireless, extremely hard work of three ladies, a small family – Mariana, Veronica, and Maria. Mother, daughter, and niece, who do not accept the grayness of everyday life but seek the magic of grace and uniqueness in the wine, sometimes wandering between the challenges the wine business often forces them face. But their thirst for harmony and completeness drives them towards more experiments and many new wine adventures. 

And the first successful results are in our hands.

Author Pavlin Ivanov

The wine – poetry, and life in a glass…

The wine – poetry, and life in a glass…

Wine is this lively and enigmatic magic that unlocks doors to new and unknown worlds. This potion, from the moment it is poured into the glass, conceals mysteriousness and mystery. Manages to untie the tongue, enlightens the soul, unites, shortens distances. This magical beverage contains in itself authenticity, history, eternity, a balance between lusciousness and maturity, and many more undisclosed secrets.

Moderation and balance are not only the basic ideas involved in the production of the liquid wine itself but also the guides to the way we should enjoy it – in moderate quantities, in the company of favorite food and people. It is then that this drink reveals its true nature, brings pleasure and benefits to our health. The army of antioxidants in red wine fights actively against enemies of our body – cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, reduces the risk of death and even prolongs life expectancy. Tannin, one of the main chemical components of red wine, causes that cholesterol does not build up on the walls of the blood vessels and promotes longevity. But as with anything else in life, too high consumption damages us and our health. Hangover, headache, lack of energy are just a few of the consequences of overuse.

Like many other things in life that can be recognized by color, the color, and tannin of red wine are indicators of its potential for aging and reaching its aristocratic maturity. A Young wine, as youth is filled with energy, has a high concentration of tannin, sparkling and purifying blood, and mature wine loses its vigor but complements the enjoyment of sipping with new nuances, stories, mysteries.

An old Bulgarian proverb says that ” wolf can change its skin, but never its temper.” Wine can be made of white and red grapes. Interestingly, white wine can also be made from red grapes. It is achieved by a skillful and precise pressing of the fruit. In this case, wine is given the opportunity to express its femininity, sophistication, grace, but not without the intervention of refining of the winemaker.

Diversity and changeability are leading factors in human life, but also evidence that wine can be treated as a human being. Ten thousand are the world’s wine grape varieties, and the combinations of these are millions. Four hundred are the oak varieties used to make barrels that mature wine. The origin of the oak determines different flavors in the aged wine.

If the wine is a living matter, then the glass for it is like the cloth for the human. Cloth fits only one human body in itself, and one glass contains as much liquid as the amount of juice from one cluster of grapes. The same way dressing highlights the beautiful shapes of the body, and the shape of the glass – the different characteristics of each type of wine. The glass spills up every little drop to different parts of the tongue and nose that are responsible for a variety of flavours. It is done in a way that no part of this romance has been missed.

Very often the world’s poorest and behind-the-scenes regions give birth to the greatest talents, and creative people with strong characters, who are then emerging in the cosmopolitan capital cities of the world. In the world of grapes, the poorest and inferior soils give life to the best quality and finest wines, as if to prove that the thirst for beauty and the inner strength of character are invincible and always overcome any obstacles.

The parallels in the human world and that of the wine extend to infinity. Where does the border end between them? This question can only be answered by us, giving freedom to our curiosity and looking for naturalness in each of our meetings with wine. Our romance with the magical liquid can begin here and now and at all times and continue, echoing in eternity.

Author Pavlin Ivanov