Interesting wine blogs in 2020

Interesting wine blogs in 2020

Wine education is becoming an increasingly important part of today’s social culture. The habit of drinking and sharing wine with family, relatives, friends, and business contacts inevitably unlocks the natural competitiveness, an essential part of human nature. In addition to how we drink wine, we want to know how to choose it, how to approach the exact occasion, and what food to combine it with. It is a daunting task in the ever-expanding ocean of variety the divine drink offers and the numerous sources of information.

The good news is that we can educate ourselves effortlessly or absorb a considerable amount of information without even realizing it. It can happen as we look for how to take advantage of the few free minutes between two activities, waiting in a queue, or just when we want to get away from the daily routine and decide to open an internet site without any engagement. Wine blogs are an easy and fun way to educate. They can give us helpful tips and easy-to-remember information about the wine world and seamlessly turn that into a lifestyle. The result – we won’t feel ashamed of ourselves when we get home with a bottle of wine, and we won’t look at the restaurant waiter when we order wine. Higher self-esteem, more fulfilling moments, or just a delight for the senses. Blogs and influencers are in the thousands, but here are some interesting suggestions:

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  1. Wine Spectator The blog was created in New York, and it focuses on what’s happening in the American wine and culinary world. We can find over 15,000 wine ratings a year, along with tips on how to store them and culinary recipes that are suitable matches. Over 250,000 Twitter and 432,000 Instagram followers. Restaurants in the United States, with a particular focus on wine, are recommended and are categorized according to the variety of wines offered in terms of prices and styles. Everyone could challenge themselves by browsing through the search engine for the best wine list. Numerous interviews with sommeliers and wine directors about current emerging trends reveal different aspects of topics that are enticing the wine lover. Articles such as “How to buy wine online?” and “How to order wine in a restaurant?” are especially valuable to those who go through the world of wine and more shy people who would not take risks. How COVID 19 affects grape harvesting in the Southern Hemisphere and how restaurants across the globe manage their survival are always up to date. Quizzes and wine games can provoke the more curious.

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2. Vine Pair Another New York-born wine blog. Unlike Wine Spectator, beer and spirits connoisseurs can find useful information here. Due to its great variety, as well as the included online shop for glassware, bar accessories, branded clothing, and more, this site is a favorite corner of bartenders and professionals in the drinks industry. The 2019 top 50 wine rankings, the 25 best roses, and exciting offers for everyday drinking with excellent value for money remind that the site is a paradise not only for connoisseurs of beers, spirits, and cocktails but also for wine enthusiasts. Almost 18,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 60,000 on Instagram.

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3. Wine Folly Hometown of Seattle, United States. Unlike the first two, Wine Folly has a much more descriptive and educational function. Or at least it suits a much more classic style. All major wine regions in the world are considered. When you are stuck with the question, “What exactly is Montepulciano?”, It takes us two minutes to open the site and sigh with relief after reading it. It is the place to find some of the most accurate and well-crafted wine maps. The individual flavors and fruit characteristics of the wines are described in detail as well as how to distinguish them. Their books for wine newbies are a great introduction to a world of information. The blog looks at exciting and comprehensible stories and all manner of ways to fill our daily lives with wine topics. Over 45,000 Twitter followers and almost 268,000 on Instagram.

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4. The Wine Cellar Insider A project by Jeff Leve that has a different structure from the three blogs described above. It comes close to the pages of Jancis Robinson and Robert Parker, as it mainly specializes in specific regions – Bordeaux, Rhône, and California. Detailed articles can be found about the top manufacturers in the indicated areas and information on fine wines trends. The blog has a wine forum with questions on various topics, as well as discussions on opened wines from specific vintages and their presentation. Almost 9,000 Twitter followers and 18,000 on Instagram.

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5. Social Vignerons A wine blog that offers articles for beginners looking for how to distinguish different flavors and aromas in wine to interviews with the most influential people in the wine world as authors of books, winemakers at top wineries, Master Sommeliers and Masters of wine. The concept of the site also includes depicting funny wine cases – “How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?”; “Why never add a cube of ice to a glass of red wine?” And more. Over 121,000 Twitter followers and more than 44,000 on Instagram.

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6. Wine & Spirit Education Trust Blog In addition to being one of the official institutions for wine education, WSET also maintains a wine blog that features articles on various wine topics as well as impressive stories from its students, graduates, and lecturers. Although it publishes an average of one article per week, it could be found an engaging content. It is also my first European proposal – the organization is based in London. There are almost 16,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 56,000 on Instagram.

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7. Grape experiences/ swirl.sip.savor Cindy Rynning’s Wine Blog, where she describes her wine journeys, interviews with winemakers and owners of wine and wine events. In 2015, it ranked in the Top 100 of the most influential wine bloggers in the world, and in 2017 and 2018, won the Best Wine Blog in the United States. She hosts groups on wine cruise tours and generally enjoys life or, as the French say: “La vie est belle.” Over 12,000 Twitter Followers.

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8. Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog Jamie Goode is another London based wine blogger, but also an old acquaintance in the wine circles. He started his blog back in 2001, and since then, he has not stopped reflecting on all kinds of news from the wine world. He is the author of several books, and his page contains reviews of wines and producer profiles, as well as studies on everyday topics and unusual stories. There are 50,000 Twitter followers and almost 27,000 on Instagram.

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9. Wine Enthusiast Podcast If you’re not reading, but you are a good listener and wonder what to do while driving, Wine Enthusiast podcasts are the solution for you. From 5 minutes to 40-50 minutes of length, you can learn helpful information, trends, news, and tips for wines from different regions. Podcasts are increasingly emerging as a way of reaching the end consumer who, for one reason or another, is not accustomed to reading. Well, there is always an alternative. This blog has over 217,000 Twitter followers and over 357,000 Instagram followers. The numbers themselves indicate what is on the way of happening shortly.

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As I mentioned before, blogs and influencers are thousands, but I’ve made a selection of some of the most popular ones. And they are more than enough homework for the entire COVID 19 quarantine period, and maybe longer. Now comes the bad news for some Bulgarian readers – all listed in English. The good thing is that there are many translation sites; the most straightforward way is Google translate. It is also a fact that all the blogs use tons of pictures, and even the images itself provide a lot of data. Welcome to Kindergarten! Wine education is indeed fun, as it is learning English. And in the COVID 19 quarantine period, time is certainly enough. Wine is life, and life is fun.

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