Studio by Miraval Rose 0.75 2021

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Studio by Miraval Rose 0.75 2021

Region: Mediterranee

Varieties: Senso, Grenache, Rolle and Tibourin

The new rosé “Studio by Miraval” was created in the eponymous chateau in Provence, owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie since 2011.

The inspiration for the name came from a recording music studio located in Correns, French Riviera and its previous owner was jazz musician Jacques Lussier. Several famous bands, including Pink Floyd and AC/DC, have recorded albums there. The Miraval Studio, like the other Château Miraval rosé, was made in partnership with the Perin family of Château de Beaucastel.

“This new rosé will be the common thread linking place, legend, heritage and above all a love of art,” it said in a statement, adding that the new wine is designed to evoke the spirit of the French Riviera.

Tasting characteristics :

The elegant STUDIO by Miraval Rosé Méditerranée from Provence is based on grapes from the Rolle, Cinsault, Grenache and Tibouren varieties. After harvest, the grapes get to pressing by the quickest route.

This is followed by fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. At the end of fermentation, the STUDIO from Miraval Rosé Méditerranée is left to harmonize on the fine lees for several months.

Studio by Miraval Rose 0.75 2021 is distinguished by its pale pink and transparent, airy colour. The nose is elegant and reveals delicate notes of grapefruit and white flowers.

The palate is crisp and well-balanced, with a pronounced vibrancy, seductive flavours of citrus and marine iodine and a long and memorable finish. This rosé from Château Miraval is ideal for all wine lovers who like as little sweetness as possible in their wine.

On the tongue, this rosé is characterized by an incredibly light texture. Thanks to its fruity acidity, STUDIO by Miraval Rosé Méditerranée presents itself impressively fresh and lively on the palate. On the finish, this young rosé wine from the wine-growing region of Provence finally inspires with considerable length. Notes of lemongrass and pomelo reappear.

Studio by Miraval Rose 0.75 2021 is perfect as a side dish for asparagus salad with quinoa, endive fruit salad or salmon and fennel omelette.

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