" H I S L I P S D R I N K W A T E R , B U T H I S H E A R T D R I N K S W I N E . "


N o t j u s t a w a l k , b u t a w i n e w a l k . . .

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What is Sofia Wine Walk ?

➥ A special wine walk around Sofia with a certified sommelier guide.

➥ Includes a visit to three different tasting locations.

➥ You will taste 6 Bulgarian wines (2 in each of the three sites and 50 ml of wine)

➥ The meeting point for the start of the tour is from the Russian Monument Square, town of. The start of the tour will be at the Monument of St. Petersburg.

➥ The wine walk lasts about 2.5-3.5 hours without a precise time frame, with the idea of becoming an individual and unforgettable experience for the guests.

➥ You can tell your mother that you went on a historical walk, and your friends that you are going to drink wine.

Create memories

A w a l k a r o u n d S o f i a o r a g l a s s o f w i n e w i t h f r i e n d s ?

Wine emotion

B o o k S o f i a W i n e W a l k

Call a friend, reserve your seats and enjoy a different Sofia experience all while walking around! Could we call it wine fitness?


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