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Category: Gamza
Gamza is an indigenous red grape variety that has been cultivated in northern Bulgaria since ancient times. It can be found under the name Kadarka in most of the other Balkan countries, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia. Gamza is a highly localized grape variety mainly cultivated in the north and especially north-western Bulgaria. Novo Selo is regarded as the real home of Gamza. It is rarely found in southern Bulgaria and is one of the less popular local grape varieties for the mass consumer. Nevertheless, despite the high dependence on climatic conditions in the given year and their effect on the wine, Gamza wines remain an integral part of Bulgarian wine and vine heritage and culture and plays an important role in the viticulture of north-western Bulgaria.The wines from Gamza can vary from very light-bodied and fruity, suitable for consumption even in summertime to oaky, full-bodied and intense with plenty of aging potential.

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