G e w ü r z t r a m i n e r

Category: Gewürztraminer
Treasured for its intense floral aromas, Gewürztraminer has thrived for centuries around Germany. Quality examples are ageworthy, but most are best enjoyed in their youth to preserve acidity. Gewurztraminer produces some of the most aromatic white wines in the world. With an intense perfume of lychees, roses and ginger, Gewurztraminer pairs well with spicy food and many other dishes.Gewurztraminer is a difficult name to pronounce, which might scare people off from trying this grape variety. That is a shame, because Gewurztraminer gives some of the most interesting aromatic wines. This grape has a natural sweetness and most wines are made in the off-dry style. In combination with high alcohol, this wine is intensely perfumed.

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