Hard work, wisdom, passion, perseverance, insight, skills, discoveries, far-sightedness, excitement, disappointments, surprises, a sense of limit, wonder at the force of nature… all of these have accompanied wine producers for generation upon generation. While nature is always our master and must be protected, wine is made by people. By people, for people, who derive gratification from dreaming about it, drinking it, producing it. Although Livio Felluga is one of the largest wine estates in the Friuli hills, we are still a small company with the consequent inestimable privilege of being able to do things for the pleasure of it, and make the wines we like. Stylish wines with a strong territorial identity; wines that express, on the one hand, the character of our complex ecosystems, the cultivar (when they are monovarietal), the vine and – of key importance – the vintage year. But also our own work, our passion, our style. I don’t believe there are right ways and wrong ways to make wine, or at least, I would never presume to judge.

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